Who are we?

Solution 24 India Private Limited

Solution24 is a leading digital platform for local service businesses in India. We focuses on expert services clustered around Home, Life and Self and where the user need is customized. Using technology and domain intelligence, the platform seeks to understand the user need in detail and matches it to verified service professionals.

Solution24 has recently launched Solution24 App, an end-to-end business management solution for SMEs, through which it intends to transition thousands of SMEs to efficiently run their business online and have adequate online presence via their own website and mobile site.

We are a mobile marketplace for local services. We help customers hire trusted professionals for all their service needs. We are staffed with young, passionate people working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of people by catering to their service needs at their doorsteps.

Pay, a unique solution for quick digital payments for its users and vendors, and S24 Social, we are a sure shot destination for your service needs.These services aim at making several day-to-day tasks conveniently actionable and accessible to users through one App

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We are on the road to making an enormous impact to the economic foundation of the country. We want millions to accompany us and benefit from this journey. We want to make a positive difference by empowering the lives that we touch.

Our Approach

We intend to reach every inch of the country and en-route, empower small enterprises. We commit to operate in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner. We hope to use our influence to garner financial & support.


Solution24 is proud to be at the forefront of this change as it moves ahead with its mission of making everyday life simpler for a vast majority of Indians. Having touched lives of millions people through its mobile Application.

Our Advantages


We guarantee the confidentiality of our client data through strict control over our infrastructure, as well as our physical and personal access rights.

Comprehensive support

As an experienced outsourcing provider, we offer legal services, audit and internal control, financial administration, and other business support.


We are dedicated to providing high quality financial administration services based on extensive experience and knowledge.


We can help establish vision of market changes and describe where you can be in this changing environment.

Solution24's Mission

To provide fast, free, reliable and comprehensive information to our users and connect buyers to sellers

Want to be an intern with us and you are a student?

I'm here give you the inside scoop on internships. As a college student, I've completed a ton of internships. Whether an internship is paid, for credit, unpaid or not-for-credit doesn't change its value. Internships are investments in your future.

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