About Solution24

A business plan got its concrete shape when a group of techies and management professionals had a Eureka moment of providing a connection between services as well as goods providers and buyers. And so was born Solution24. Since then we have grown manifold with a presence across all major and minor cities across India even as we work towards refining our platform and making it easy to use.

Unlike others, we did not choose to focus only on selected business segments. Our analysts studied the market and saw the gaps, so we decided to bridge these gaps by including the widest range of segments and sectors. Today, our platform connects virtually all businesses and service providers like mechanics, car and bike repairers, wedding planners, courier, laundry, baby care, personal care providers and many more, in over diverse categories, to people who need such services in their locality. Solution 24 is one of the biggest local directory search platform in India that has given a rocket boost to hundreds of thousands of small businesses across India and we are glad to be of help.

What puts us in a class apart is that our services are affordable and we give value for money by active involvement to promote and increase your business. We help general population save time and effort in finding the right Service provider.   We simply provide a platform and encourage direct engagement. This lowers costs and speeds up transactions, which is a win- win situation for all. We care for you as a business operator and we care for you as a customer.

Solution 24 is committed to helping people on both sides of business and helps them to be a winner. We listen to customers, analyze their requirements and incorporate feedback as a way to improve our operations. This benefits service providers as much as it benefits their customers.

Why Us

Solution 24 offers far more benefits than any comparable platform:

  • Lowest cost of listing and subscription which is affordable for even small business owners
  • We take care of promotions and providing connects with potential customers through our 24×7 help desk
  • Solution 24 is gaining in popularity and its app is more widely used
  • than ever before by customers looking for services and products
  • We help to build your own mobile app and website for even more increased presence and business
  • We offer 24 hours support for instant connects and instant decisions
  • All business are verified and safeguarding the interests of the consumers.


Solution24 shapes high-quality business networks and empowers commerce around the clock, enabling high-end digital, industry-specific marketplaces, real-time discovery, social engagement and state of the art e-commerce technologies combined with cost-effective marketing, inside sales and customer success services.