Pricing Policy

Miscalculation of Charges/Fees

If the calculation of the fee/charges is insufficient to cover the actual cost of goods which is paid by the advertiser to its wholesaler/supplier, then Advertiser is not obligated to fulfil your order. Where Advertiser chooses not to absorb the additional fee, Advertiser will notify you that the calculations are different from real costs and offer you the option of paying the difference and going ahead with the order. You may choose to proceed and pay the higher delivery fee or cancel the services.

Return & Refund

If at any time you are not satisfied with the quality of the services you have purchased, you may call the Customer Care number of Solution24, where your complaint will be noted and forwarded to the respective advertiser/supplier for resolution. Alternatively, you can directly lodge a complaint with the advertiser and claim for a credit, replacement, or refund for the purchased damaged or incorrect service. Furthermore, by availing yourself of these options, you confirm and agree that you will not claim or allege anything against Solution24 regarding the services provided to you by the advertiser..


Solution24 reserves the right to alter prices of goods at any time as requested by the respected advertiser of goods. All prices quoted are in Indian National Rupee (INR). All orders are subject to availability and confirmation by the advertiser of the goods and services.

If any product Service is unavailable or incorrectly priced then advertiser will advise you the correct price of the product before delivery or recommend a suitable substitute.

Cancellation and Modification

Cancellation or modification of any bookings made through Solution24 shall be strictly in accordance with the Advertisers modification and cancellation policy, including with respect to refund. You may directly contact the respective advertiser and/or Solution24 IVR for processing any requests pertaining to cancellation or modification. The cancellation and modification request made by you to Solution24 IVR will be forwarded to respective advertiser for its resolution.


  1. Solution24 allows the Vendor to make the payments for the Services, including the payment of the Service/Listing Fee, i.e., the Total Fee excluding Service Fee/ Subscription Fee by way any of the following modes:
    1. Cheque;
    2. Demand Draft;
    3. RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement);
    4. ECS (Electronic Clearing Service);
    5. CCSI (Credit Card Standing Instruction);
    6. NACH (National Automated Clearing House)


  1. It is hereby clarified that Solution24 does not encourage/prefer those payments be made in cash. Any cash payments made by the Vendor pursuant to Terms of Service with Solution24, shall be at the sole risk of the Vendor, without any recourse to Solution24. Vendors shall not share to any employee of Solution24any banking related information or any information that is considered to be sensitive personal information within the meaning of Information Technology Act, 2000 as amended or any other law for the time being in force. 

Charges & Fees 

An amount of Rupees 5000/- (Excluding GST) is charged by Solution24 for providing the online services to the end customer using the online Solution24 portal.

All the charges are which was charged to customer are annual basis and the subscription remain valid for 1 Year.

Renewals are subject to the decision of both the parties.