Copyright policy

Copyright Policy

We hold absolute copyright over the site and all its contents. Please note that we follow laws applicable to copyright under different jurisdictions.

Copyright covers printed materials as well as digital material and such material may comprise of text, graphics, images, photographs and media to which the original creator and holder have absolute right and title.

At the same time, since we serve as an online directory portraying contents of users we respect and have high regard for copyright of user’s materials displayed on this site in furtherance of their business and subject to our terms of use. When you submit such copyright material to Solution24, you give us implicit permission to use such copyrighted material for company and product listing. We use material only for business purposes and for no other. We also adhere to copyright laws and will take appropriate action against anyone we find infringing copyright and trying to make use of copyright materials without prior permission. However, users and members of the general public may make fair use as defined by law for the purpose of comments and other acceptable purposes.

All our employees, associates, consultants and agents are bound by internal agreements and will not infringe any copyright of our subscribers and users.

We also enjoin users and subscribers to ensure that they respect copyright when they make use of third party materials in their profile and product section. It is your duty and responsibility to ensure that you comply with copyright laws. Should you intentionally or unintentionally transgress copyright laws and should that make us liable for legal action then and in that event you alone will be responsible for all costs and consequences.